Laminate Cleaner

Kraftec offers a wide range of laminate cleaners, especially developed for the regular cleaning and protection of glued and non-glued (clicked together) laminate floors.


Well known versions are:
- Kraftec LH341/00 for extra antistatic properties
- Kraftec L350X the all-round cleaner
- Kraftec L350XS the all-round cleaner in a sprayable version
- Kraftec L350X-EVB with extra joint protection
- Kraftec L350X-EG7 a neutral cleaner with extra shine effect
- Kraftec LC Extra the traditional “milky” cleaner for extra shine

  • For glued and non-glued (clicked together) laminated floors
  • Antistatic properties
  • Joint protection
  • Gloss or neutral
  • Safe to use - water based


Bottle 1 ltr, trigger pump bottle 500ml


Note: Besides Laminate Cleaners, Kraftec also offers a wide range of cleaners and polishes for wooden and cork flooring


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