colour repair marker

Practical pump action marker for the perfect retouching of small areas of damage on wood, plastic and laminated surfaces. Ideal for hiding minor scratches and damage to parquet and laminate. more information 

Stain remover

Special cleaner for the easy removal of stubborn stains such as wine, grease, oil, rubber stripes, shoe polish, blood, most paints and alcohol felt pen from laminate floors. more information 


Universal Repair Kit for making small repairs to wooden and laminated surfaces such as laminate and wooden flooring. The basic paste is simple and easy to mix to any required colour with the two pigments. more information 


Ready-to-use, quick drying, repair paste for making small repairs to wooden and laminated surfaces such as laminate and wooden flooring. This water based product is manufactured in a wide range of colours to ensure a perfect match for every floor installation. Or make your own shade by mixing the different colours. more information 


Kraftec Click Sealer is a ready-to-use joint sealant, developed for the moisture-resistant sealing of joints in glueless flooring systems (Click Laminate). Protects the Click Laminate against the penetration of moisture and dirt. more information 


Repair kit for damaged laminated and wooden surfaces, such as laminate and parquet floors and furniture. For repairing damaged areas, including deep scratches, cracks, splits, holes gaps and dents.
The melting device makes it easy to melt the hard wax bar onto the damaged surface. Use the correct colour bar of hard wax or make your own colour by mixing the colour bars of hard wax. more information 

Acrylic Joint Sealant

Colour-matched acrylic based sealant for the sealing of connecting joints in laminate and wooden flooring. The 80 ml cartridge is manually operated without the use of any application tools. more information 

LAMINAte cleaner

Kraftec offers a wide range of laminate cleaners, especially developed for the regular cleaning and protection of glued and non-glued (clicked together) laminate floors. more information 

Floating floor adhesive D3 - removable

PVA D3 adhesive for the floating installation of all laminate and wooden flooring. This unique product allows the easy and complete removal of dried adhesive remains. more information 

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